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V1 College [Beta] is a one year commitment where the classroom is our local church. This leadership experience is designed to help you realize and reach your potential through Christ. You will be challenged. You will be accountable. You will be mentored.


This is the debut of V1 College [Beta], which means that we are going to grow together as we go together! This one year commitment consists of three primary domains:


  1. The Mind: You will take an in-depth journey through the scriptures. Your worldview will be challenge and conformed to a Biblical worldview.

  2. The Body: Revival is spelled W-O-R-K. You will encounter many physical challenges that release your potential.

  3. The Spirit: You will learn to care for the seen, as well as the unseen so that your life produces success that remains.


To be considered for this [Beta] year of V1 College, fill out the application completely and one of our team members will reach out to you for an interview.



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