The 5 gifts of consistency. 

1. Consistency in attitude produces "calm" in those following you.

Nothing is more unnerving than watching your boss, your parent, your teacher, or your coach LOSE IT. I mean, these are the people you expect to model the proper way to process through stress. On the contrary, when you're in the presence of an emotionally consistent leader --- it's incredibly calming.  It is somehow going to work out because they're on site. Be this for people and you will increase your value as a leader. 

2. Consistency in perfomance produces momentum.

In 2012 only three active rock bands certified Platinum. One of them was Christian rock outfit, "Skillet". If you're asking, "who is Skillet?" you're not alone. To the mainstream market, they seemed to come out of nowhere. The reality is, they had been consistently releasing industry standard recordings for almost two decades BEFORE they finally went Platinum. If you haven't been able to identify why you are still at the level you're at, identify the quality of your output and then identify the consistency. Increasing both can produce momentum....enough to certify you Platinum one day. 

3. Consistency in generosity produces financial breakthrough. 

Giving once doesn't make you a giving person. Coming from the culture of the poor, I was mainly stuck in a cycle of selfishness being driven by "survival mode". As I went on a journey to become more generous, I realized that it's much more a consistency of demeanor than a dollar amount. I found myself buying people food if they were next to me in line, increasing the amount of tithes and offering I was giving to the local church, and even giving to charities on a monthly basis...this was almost foreign to my DNA (at least it felt that way), but now I live in that space and we are somehow more comfortable in the margins AFTER giving than I ever was before I was generous. I can't explain this further, you have to experience it!

4. Consistency in faith produces breakthrough. 

I talk to people all the time who say, "I prayed for my wife once already," and I think almost every time, "what would happen if you knocked on Heaven's door so violently you became impossible to ignore?" I respect the almost drunken and brash audacity of a consistent prayer warrior. You know, some battles are in fact, WARS. It's not going to get done with one pious prayer. You've got to get consistent! (more consistent than your enemy) 

5. The greatest gift of consistency is reliability. 

Successful leaders aren't gambling on results! They know exactly what their consistency produces and can replicate the results. If someone is consistent in making money, you can tap their accounts and they'll make a fresh batch of millions. The greatest gift consistency produces is reliability. This is one of the roots of confidence in a leader. They know that if they stay the course, they will end up at their intended destination. 


Here's the question: are you ready to lead with consistency?! 


~Michael Signorelli 

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