10 things you should quit in 2018

Forget starting new things in 2018, here’s TEN things to quit! 

1. I quit talking about ministries more than DOING ministry. 

You can plug the word, “business” or “relationships” here too. Opinion is cheaper than action. 
Opinion feels like accomplishment. There’s just something about being a food critic or a literary critic that probably FEELS similar to actually cooking a meal or writing a book...but I’ve come to value creation more than consumption.  
Consumers complain / Producers create

2018 is for doing. 

2. I quit being sarcastic and started being supernatural. 

Sarcasm’s end goal is a joke. I’m not saying ALL sarcasm needs to end, but sarcasm is like a medication: in the right doses it produces fun...too much (and it’s potent) and it produces division. 
Sometimes people in your life need a joke, many more times they need a word of encouragement. 
Sarcasm is like medication, an improper dose will kill a relationship. 

3. I quit blaming others, and fought the enemy of ME. 

The word sounds like what it is: IN A ME. The leader who has failed you most in life is you. It’s funny to think about how much we trust ourselves---given how often we fail ourselves. You are your greatest barrier. John the Baptist said, “I decrease so that you can increase.” Less of me means less of enemy! Paul said, "I’m at war with myself." One of the most powerful things you can do this year is to lean into the wisdom and insights of someone else. We live in a “trust your gut” society, and although I still see a tremendous value in this, I refuse to elevate “my gut” to the place of all certain Truth. 

4. I quit venting long enough to hear the voice of God. 

First off, it’s impossible to read and vent at the same time. Try it. Next time you need to vent, open to the book of Proverbs and begin to read aloud. 
God often times keeps His voice quieter than our complaints so that we have to silence ourselves to hear. Venting makes you feel better momentarily. Venting is necessary...but venting is a monologue. Make it a dialogue by inviting God into the venting session this year. 

5. I quit the approval of people for the approval of God. 

A lack of love will cause you to seek the approval of others. When you seek the approval of others you’re saying with your actions, “I’m bankrupt of love and I can’t afford for you to not approve.” The problem with living FOR the approval of people is that their love is conditional. You will (or have) put yourself in a never-ending cycle. Try living FROM a place of approval as you receive the unconditional love of God.  
Another reason for the need of approval is actually a little-known reason: the lack of humility will keep you needing to be seen, heard, and approved by people. 
God will actually hide you in obscurity until you learn to be humble enough to deflect the glory only He deserves. There’s a pride that needs to be dealt with in this area many times. Find your value in Christ alone, and you won’t live and die by the surplus or deficit of approval for you.  

6. I quit the myth of perfection for the beauty of being present. 

I’ve missed out on a lot of precious memories because I was more concerned with being perfect than being present! Show up, don’t show off! (I preached an entire series on this in December. Listen Here

7. I quit comparing myself to other people. 

A bulldozer and a Ferrari are built for very different jobs…If you're a bulldozer, be a sexy bulldozer. 
Comparison robs you of the true you. 
Comparison is often rooted in pride as well, but masks itself as insecurity. You’re saying, “I wish I could be like them,” but your heart is saying, “I know if I tried harder I could be better than them." 

8. I quit ignoring God’s attempts to mentor me through people.

You need a mentor. More importantly, you need to listen to them. More important than that, you need to bypass your own thinking and actually do what they're telling you to do. The teacher appears when the student is ready to learn (think about this). 

9. I quit thinking the way I did it before was somehow the only way

Behold I am doing a NEW THING. What got you here won’t get you there. 
If your future looks different, your thinking must become different. A new discipline is required to birth a new vision. Amazon is currently crushing it. They attribute this to establishing a culture that values change. If you don't like something - great, it'll change. If you love something - it will probably change too. If they tech industry has taught us anything it's that updates are constantly needed. Update your ways of thinking this year. 

10. I quit minuscule and accepted MEGA. 

Star gazing reminds us to stop patronizing God with a small vision for our lives. I dare you to look at the sky today. Take in the awesomeness and depth and breadth of God's creation. Do you think He's willing to accept the smallness of your vision for YOU? Jesus spoke about mountain moving. Jesus silenced the SEA. Jesus said GREATER things you will do. Exchange your minuscule thinking for His mega thinking. By definition, if you can even imagine it (with your finite mind) God has something bigger in store. Julie and I accomplished the entire years' vision for V1 church in the first 6 months of regular weekly services! We had to take some time to actually go in the mountains and cast a bigger vision! In one of the hardest regions in the US to launch a church, we actually had a minuscule vision in comparison to what God was really wanting to do. Now, I've learned how to err on the side of audacious, ridiculous, ...dare I say, FOOLISH levels of vision...it's only then that we start touching the beginnings of what is possible through God. It's impossible to exaggerate God's abilities. 


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