7 Visions for a coming CHURCH Renaissance

Beginning in the 14th Century in Europe there was an explosion in art, literature, and learning. This movement of artists and thinkers literally thrusted mankind out of the middle ages and into the modern world. Artists painted with technique and perspective that was previously unknown. Innovation in science also gave rise to home-grown genius that didn't play by institutional rules. 

You know it's funny because the name "Signorelli" translates "little lord". In this era of human history, a group of artists came together and rebelliously dubbed themselves "the little leaders". In other words, they had a vision for how things could be and they weren't asking for permission to drive culture into new directions. When I discovered the history of my last name recently, it ignited a passion in me for reformation. I've been wrestling a lot lately with the popular portrayal of the church in this era, and what I'm submitting to you today is that we don't need another revival - we need a renaissance. Around my second cup of coffee (Sundays are a long day for me, so Mondays are ministry-hang-over days), I started to articulate this idea of what a spiritual renaissance would look like in 2016. Here are the hallmarks of this vision I have: 

1. Christians who love science and understand that the mystery of God's intentionality draws them deeper into the intimacy of His spirit. 

2. Christians who produce more art than they consume. Embracing the uniqueness of their identity, they take the mountain of culture by creating - love songs, poetry, prose, paintings, film, and a diverse body of work that reflects the entirety of the human expression. 

3. Christians who guide humanitarian efforts globally. Marked by innovation, invention, and creative problem solving poured out from heavenly storehouses; they lead with undeniably Kingdom ideas that serve as the answer to our prayers. 

4. Christians who reform educational systems and engage students---breaking cycles in communities that were the result of ignorance; making students into teachers and leaders. 

5. Christians who erase color boundaries as they celebrate the uniqueness of the cultures they embrace, while installing Kingdom standards for living and community. They embody a perfect love with a ministry of reconciliation through cultural forgiveness and healing. 

6. Christians who create and lead businesses with a standard of integrity that reforms current global practices. That their golden standard with excellence demands that entire industries protect inalienable rights. Human slavery is eroded and eradicated as Christian business leaders cause a shift as a result of their integrity. 

7. Christians who create church communities that are the life-blood of entire regions economically, artistically, and socially. Christians who mobilize sustainable, systemic, community-wide culture that produces multi-generational increase in standards of living. Church is no longer an event, but a pervasive, community culture of light. 

If you were inspired in any way, leave a comment below. Do you see what I see? Have you longed for any one of these seven elements to be a reality in your life? 

Until next time-- love God, love your enemies, never give up!

Michael Signorelli  

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