We're not just here to have church, but to be the church - serving all who are in need. Ultimately, our desire is to share the love of Christ with all people from every walk of life. That Includes you too.


The Church I now see is an authentic home where freedom is found through relationship. Worshippers from every nation, tribe, people, and language stand united through Christ.

The Church I now see gives to love in response to a scandalous grace that freed us from our shame. We love to give as the generosity of God’s mercy provokes us to abandon our fears.

The Church I now see believes the best even when we see the worst. Our unity is the proof that the power of the cross reconciles, heals, and restores believers into
perfect harmony.

The Church I now see pioneers, innovates, and imagines without restraint. Excellence is a key marker that the government of Heaven has set up embassies within our lives. The atmosphere of Heaven on Earth deposits a counter culture in our hearts.





Mike Signorelli & Julie Signorelli

Lead Pastors

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